Forever Royal Jelly

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Forever Royal Jelly?is a substance extracted from the pharyngeal glands of the bee. This ?super food? bee is specially mixed with enzymes and fed to every bee that will become queen. It is the exclusive food of the queen during her very productive life, which allows her to store up to 3,000 eggs a day during her six years of life. Workers who eat common honey live only four to six weeks.?Forever Royal Jelly?can help You maintain the immune system, increase energy, and promote skin and hair.

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Benefits of Forever Royal Jelly

  • Increase energy and support the immune system
  • It is easily absorbed and can be easily digested
  • No preservatives, artificial colors or flavors


Forever royal jelly is a natural, highly nutritious product made from honey bee secretion, a biochemically complex compound from bee. The reason for the large size and longevity of the queen bee is because it lives absolutely on this royal jelly.

60 Tablets


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